Client - Boom Kidz

Boom Kidz is a safe place for children to play and party! They host open play for kids with their huge playground and its a really awesome place to throw kids birthday parties. By providing Boom Kidz with a conversion based website and a fully SEO friendly design, Boom Kidz is becoming a household name on Staten Island.


Boom Kidz had an existing site that didn’t really attempt to give any sort of call to action. The site was attractive but was losing conversions far too often for being hard to navigate. Remember, people are lazy and the easier you make it for them to complete a desired action, the better! On top of that, Boom Kidz wasn’t taking advantage of any sort of SEO, and was almost invisible on google! Yikes.


We gave Boom Kidz a new conversion based design that pushes potential customers and clients in the right direction!

The site we built INSTANTLY caused a surge in Boom Kidz’ exposure on google – and the site increased its conversion rate!

We continue to work with Boom Kidz – improving their site and managing their SEO and keeping their online persona running.

lets work together!