Client - DEA Music and Art

Tasked with the increasingly important job of introducing music, visual arts and performing art to children DEA pushes the boundaries of whats possible in children’s music education. Our job is to let local parents know about the magic of DEA Music and art.


DEA’s old site was built on old technology with no true clear call to action. The site was slow and the structure was hard to understand. The traffic was there but we needed to increase leads and conversions.

After a review of the site we new exactly what we needed to do!


We provided DEA with a super fast conversion based web site. By placing a call to action in the top bar we are giving potential customers a clear direction to take. After the site migration – DEA has seen an almost 75% increase in leads that come through the site!

We continue to work with our friends at DEA to ensure their site keeps running smoothly and their SEO is kickin’!

lets work together!