About Us

ant built

Ant Built was founded in 2014 and started as a small web design company. With a passion for making great websites, Anthony started helping local businesses in Staten Island by creating and managing their sites. Since then, Ant Built has grown its platform, from websites to social media, to become an all-in-one service that helps businesses all over the world.

Antbuilt has taken over our website design, SEO and facebook promotions. Our rankings have increased, our facebook page has grown and we now have a site we are proud of. The service we get at antbuilt makes you feel like family. We work with Anthony and he is very knowledgable and explains what is he is doing, why and educates his customers. We have recommended him to our friends and they have all been satisfied. I highly recommend him.
Bill Sobolow
Master Plumber @ A Good Plumber

our goal

From delivering services, helping a product be seen, or promoting your location, Ant Built aims to be your full solution. Our goal is to help businesses utilize the power of the internet to provide a unique online presence that will help your business grow. We aim to help your business succeed online.

what we do

We work closely with businesses to learn about them and create a unique and complete plan. Starting with a beautiful website, designed for conversions and speed, we then drive traffic. Ant Built uses specific sets of ads on multiple platforms, and a personal approach to posting good content on social media, to help develop an online presence for your business. We power your online experience.